Friday, October 1, 2010

National Health Workforce Commission

The National Health Workforce Commission was announced today....15 members appointed to rolling terms, appointed by the GAO. Tom Ricketts, Professor of Health Policy and Management at the UNC School of Public Health was one of the members appointed to this commission. Tom is a rural health and health policy expert with much experience in workforce projections.

Tom was my dissertation chair at the UNC school of Public Health, but we go back much further than that. When I was a sophomore at UNC I stumbled into a class on the US Health Care System. Not really sure why I went....but was intrigued by Tom, the material he taught and the course generally. He later hired me to photocopy stuff....and I started reading some of it and got even more interested in health policy. Then he hired me as a summer intern, etc short, I certainly wouldn't be doing what I do today if it weren't for Tom Ricketts. He is a great guy and a great person to serve on this important commission, that is another part of seeking to develop the health system that our nation needs.


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